Smart Washroom Systems

Smart Washroom Systems

Orion’s Smart Washroom System shows the customer which cubicle to use and shows the cleaners which washroom to clean, at what time based on demand rather than a rota.

The customer is alerted to how busy the washroom is via screens outside the washroom. Upon proceeding inside, LED indicator lights above the cubicles show which cubicles are occupied or vacant.

For cleaning teams, the system quickly tells cleaners which toilets have been used, which consumables are running low and therefore what to replace via the mobile app and web portal.

Our Smart Washroom System allows you to do the following:

  • Understand how your washrooms are performing (how many people are using them, for how long and when)
  • How often they are being cleaned and which cleaner is cleaning them
  • What the customer feedback is in real time which can easily be tied to a specific cleaner to monitor performance
  • Inform the customers of a nearby vacant washroom if the one they are outside is busy so that they can proceed to the vacant washroom instead
  • Red and Green indicator lights above the cubicles which clearly informs people if a cubicle is busy or not
  • Consumables such as soap and paper towel usage can be monitored so that they can be replenished just in time.
  • Water usage can be measured
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are bad smells, can also be measured
  • Temperature can be measured
  • Bin levels can be monitored so that they can be emptied just in time
  • PRM alarms can be reported and responded to in real time
  • Cleaners can be scheduled to only go clean when the washroom is busy via mobile app
  • Way finding can be pushed to Expo app informing visitors on washroom availability and location
  • Reports can generated easily to show different information clearly in different graphical formats
  • Integrated with reporting and data analytics tools such as Splunk

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